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This is a multi-fandom but mainly EXO blog. I tend to have periods of intense blogging and periods of pseudo-hiatuses. I am a sucker for giveaways. I cannot edit to save my life. I am a nerd in many aspects. I am quiet and shy and a loner. [more]

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Other includes: 2NE1, anime, BAP, Big Bang, BTS, GOT7, Infinite, SHINee, SNSD, Studio Ghibli, Super Junior, TVXQ, etc.

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hey, doctor


Level 3 Item
-EXO First Box “First Year”
-Boyfriend Box “I’m Your Boyfriend”
-B.A.P First Sensibility Album (Signed By All Members)

Level 2 Item
-B.A.P Unplugged 2014 Mini-Album
-B.A.P Matoki Shirt (Size: M in Adult)
-$20 Gift Voucher to KPOPTOWN.com

Level 1 Item
-BTS Debut Era Poster
-B.A.P First Sensibility Poster
-EXO Special Poster
-BTOB Beep Beep Version B Poster
-B1A4 Who Am I Poster
-$10 Gift Voucher to KPOPTOWN.com

1st Place Winner can choose two Level 3 items, one Level 2 item, and two Level 1 items
2nd Place Winner can choose one Level 3 item, one Level 2 item, and two Level 1 items
3rd Place Winner can choose one Level 2 item and two Level 1 items


-Must be following me (this is for my followers after all)
-Must be legally responsible for yourself in your country or have your guardian’s permission
-Must be comfortable with giving me full address information
-International Shipping is Open!
-You cannot have more than one KPOPTOWN gift voucher if you win.
-You can reblog up to 10 times (each counts as 1 entry).
-Likes do NOT count (but you can like for reference)
-For extra entries favorite/upvote the following two pages (one favorite counts as 1 entry, one upvote counts as 1 entry)
-Must have ask box open!
-Winners must reply within 72 hours (multiple messages will be sent during that time to ensure messages aren’t eaten) of first message. Failure to do so within the allocated time, and other winners will be bumped up a placing a new winner will be chosen for the bottom spots.
-A randomization website will be used to select the winners.
-Updates can be found under the tag ‘nyb giveaway’

Deadline is October 13th 2014

*If you do any of the extra entries you must send me a message with your roleplayrepublic url and tumblr url.

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jinwoo + pastels 

"At first, I started in a team of four. Every month, someone leaves. I fear that I will end up like them. Staying up for a few more hours is nothing. I might ruin the other four member’s chances if I don’t do my best."

"Jinwoo works really hard, and I mean really hard. He never sleeps! I’ve never thought Jinwoo was behind the others. I hope Jinwoo hyung becomes more confident and I hope he can grow to love himself more.”



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